Super Tirrenia

Les super-héros montent à bord des navires de Tirrenia

Cagliari, 22 March 2017 – The anxious wait for the news leaked by Tirrenia a few days ago is over. DC Super Heroes take-over the Palumbo shipyards in Messina as work has begun to decorate the sides of themed Tirrenia ships.  The Sharden is the first of Tirrenia’s ships to put on a “new look:” that of the iconic DC Super HeroBatman! The new DC Themed ships arise from a partnership between Onorato Armatori Group and Warner Bros. Consumer Products on behalf of DC Entertainment. 

Each side of the Sharden will have different images. One side of the ship will display the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin. The other side, will feature Batman with his famous archenemy The Joker.

These images will make the ships in the fleet have a fresh look, be more attractive and suitable for families with children as well as, other customers travelling with Tirrenia in Sardinia and Sicily for holidays or work.

The operation of decorating the ships in the fleet with the DC Super Heroes  will be launched to give further vitality to the process of the renewal of the company. The sides of the Sharden are only the beginning of the redesigning of the image of Tirrenia’s ships and will give them a unique style that will bring new energy to the Onorato Armatori Group shipping line.

After the refresh of the Sharden, in April 2017 it will be the turn of the Nuraghes. In 2018 changing looks will be the Janas, Bithia and Athara, and the following year Vincenzo Florio and Raffaele Rubattino. As part of the refresh, the DC Super Heroes images will also be decorating the walkways and lounge areas on the ships, for the enjoyment of young passengers and their families.

"For Tirrenia this is the beginning of a new era - says Massimo Mura, Managing Director of the company - and it confirms the desire of the Onorato Armatori Group to continue the process of renewal of the fleet and of company organisation of Tirrenia, thus consolidating our leadership in maritime transport in the Mediterranean”.